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How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi

How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi If you are trying to connect HP PRINTER to wifi for the first time, then you can review the points below. Minimum specifications for connecting an HP printer to a wireless network: your wireless computer with WPS button1 and your WPS push button mode HP printer Wireless network with password for WPA network protection. 2 3 3 3 3. Please follow the instructions below: 1.Click the wireless button on your printer. Step 1: Connect the HP printer to the wireless network using WPS. And press the knob until the light does not blink. 2. If you don't know where the wireless button is, go to the control panel on the screen of the printer. 3.Select the configuration icon -> network -> and finally the printer network configuration option. 4. Then scroll down to pick Wi-Fi Safe Setup -> button press -> and start. 5. After that, go to router-> press and hold the wps button on the router until blinking is initiated by wps led light. 6.Wait for 2 mante because it takes time for the printer to set up on wireless network 7.And you device such as computer or phone, setup/install software for HP printer and start printing. 4. Move 2: Wireless Network Inkjet Printer Setup Follow the instructions: 1.Fist of all selected printer setup icons on the printer control panel. 2.Select Network Configuration and Wireless Settings and the next screen will appear. 3. Scroll down and pick the wireless configuration wizard. 4. The HP printer scans all routers inside the range for a few minutes. 5. And pick the name of your network. 6.Asked for the form of network password to connect to the network. 7. If you see a window for validation settings, click OK and let the process be completed. Connect HP Printer to Wifi

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